The Intrepid Dan Kidd


In this guerilla travel guide, we fearlessly seek out the places that most people ignore.  Follow the charmingly Intrepid Dan Kidd as he exposes under-bellies with a style that is as powerfully refreshing as it is erudite.

An inveterate professional, the always Intrepid Dan will blow you away with his merciless integrity. Brimming with moral fiber, his boundless enthusiasm and general friendliness will warm your heart whilst expanding your mind.  Marvel, delightedly, as he introduces his beloved staff, including Mike the cameraman and the affable Frank Brown, head of security.  

You will also be given an exclusive look behind the scenes at IDK productions, where you will, no doubt, be fascinated by the mutual respect and sense of family that is at the heart of this incredible endeavor.  

Enjoy our hard-hitting interviews and underground reporting as we explore the main alleys and back streets of the world's most fascinating cities and the people who live in them.

Join us and Get Intrepid!

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